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Southern California's Inspection Company

Founded in 1999 by Fred and Jodie McMilon

President:  Stephanie K. McMilon

Special Inspection Services


Southern California's Inspection Company

We are proud of having gained the trust of owners of such buildings as the $30-million "Title Building" condo project in downtown Los Angeles, and the just-completed $375-million Los Angeles County Administration offices.
In today's fast-paced construction industry, quality and standard construction practices are sometimes overlooked. Special Inspection Services inspectors verify that work meets Architects' and Engineers' specifications, as well as jurisdictional codes and standards, while ensuring the owner receives the quality in workmanship he or she is paying for.
Special Inspection Services President Stephanie McMilon explains that inspection is all about quality. "It's about wanting to make sure the person who owns the building is pleased with the way the construction is performed," she says.
‚ÄčOne reason customers return to Special Inspection Services again and again is the company's inspectors, all of whom are certified in more than one jurisdictional area and discipline. SiS will send one inspector who is certified in several disciplines.
Special inspection Services
is the first choice of general contractors, building owners and architects throughout Southern California.

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