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Fred McMilon

February 13, 1961 ~ March 8, 2013

Dad, husband, brother, mentor, friend. Fred was an inspector, mountain man, farmer, chef, auto mechanic, welder, home builder, businessman, speed racer, and natty dresser of aloha shirts. Fred had a life-long love affair with rare prime rib and pot roast, chocolate chip cookies, kippers on saltines, his own homemade canned peach jam, Cup ‘O Gold candies, leek soup and beans with cornbread. 
On which he would put butter and sorghum. Fred despised phonies, escalators, drunks, parsnips, corn nuts, Madonna, tiny dogs and going anywhere alone. He felt the need to steer whatever vehicle he was in – be it car, bus, airplane or cruise ship.

However, he was ok with trains. Fred always loved being a welder and really cared about the quality of the welding. He went to CSULB and become a welding inspector. After a few years of inspecting, he opened an inspection shop. He always took pride in his work and thought constantly about the safety of buildings that weren't inspected by him or “his guys.” Fred took fashion cues from no one. His signature everyday look was all his: Aloha shirt; boot-cut Levis, Wolverine work boots and always some kind of hat. When he wasn't wearing a hardhat at work, it was usually a felt hat. He often reminded those he worked with how a foreman once said, "You are a long-winded sonofabitch!"

You will be missed by us all. We see you again in Heaven.

February 13, 1961 ~ March 8, 2013